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Hongguang eggs printer agency policy

Hongguang eggs inkjet printer profile:

The whole as a system to work independently, without connecting other devices, racks, simple structure solid, all stainless steel and aluminum custom mold, surface oxidation sandblasting, also made of stainless steel screw, with food hygiene requirements.

Electrical control systems using the latest ARM A8 CPU, Linux operating system platform, comes with a two-dimensional bar code font code library that supports multiple languages, newly developed powerful editing functions, can set various print parameters, handwriting input, IPS true color touch screen complete interface, support SD card, USB, Gigabit Ethernet. Edit complete interface, you can work on-line PC.

Machine contains five patents, developed a new cartridge nozzle system, an ink cartridge can print 100 000 eggs, and low cost. High capacity, can date marking 300,000 eggs. Courier continuously adjustable, using the German CNC motor support 220AC 110AC power input, machine skull can open multiple directions, for easy maintenance and adjustment, have opened up the ink cartridge storage box.

Fine print quality can be achieved 600DPI, you can print LOGO graphics and 2D codes, characters and a variety of characters, the string of code, instant date, the machine has two print modes to adapt to different levels of products, height adjustable nozzle adapt to different size packaging tray.

Special food ink, dye developed using food-grade, in line with international standards, Fine print graphics and text and bar codes. Eggs adapt print media.

The machine will have a variety of styles, you can print up to 1200DPI of ultra-fine patterns.

Drive belt tension adjustment mechanism has never deviation, when printing is complete egg in the accumulation buffer is reached six tray automatically shut down, clean up and then continue printing, no flaws. Rationalize the device will automatically straighten egg tray input, no print skew. Rotary encoder has a precise, continuously adjustable belt speed. It does not affect printing.

Reasonably robust machine architecture, circuit reliable machine full load only up to 150 watts of power consumption, minimum 100 watts. Basic maintenance.

Agent Qualifications:

1. have legal business qualification, have a fixed place of business;

2. With the use of maintenance experience in mechatronics products;

3. equipped with specialized technical and business personnel responsible for product sales and services;

4. able to complete sales tasks assigned by the company;